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TO46, 2-Lead Metal Can

Diode Can Packages; TO46 Case style, 2-Lead Metal Can

2-Terminal TO-46 Outline Drawing and Dimensions
TO-46 Metal Can Outline and Package Dimensions

TO-46 is a through-hole device with a metal lid.
The 2 terminal TO-46 package version is used for voltage references [LM113], diodes and other two terminal semiconductors. An example pin out is shown for the LM113 device. As with the LM113 other diodes or components would use the small metal tab on the can to align the device with the leads.
When used for LEDs the TO-46 uses a glass lens that replaces the metal top.
LEDs in a TO-46 include; L10596-02, L6113-01, or L1915-02.
Refer here for 3-Lead TO-46 Packages, which is used for transistors and three terminal semiconductors.

2-Terminal TO-46 Internal Circuit Schematic
Component Symbol
Lead 1 is V+, Lead 2 is V-

The LM129 voltage reference may also be found in this package, but on last check that device in this particular package is obsolete. That's not to say that the LM129 is obsolete, or that the 2-terminal TO-46 metal package is obsolete, but the combination of the LM129 in a two terminal TO-46 may be obsolete.

The case dimensions and table relate to the LM129 in the TO-49 metal can. note that it's still a TO-46 but the physical dimensions differ from what is provided in the first table of dimensions, although both are referred to as TO-46. And even though both tables provide a minimum and maximum dimension [a range], the important point is that the maximum dimensions differ. This second table is offered to show that there may be more than one manufacturer offering the identical semiconductor part, but with slightly different dimensions.

Editor note: In many cases when you find a voltage reference being shown as a single zener diode, that diode may only be representing the circuit function. In fact the LM113 Reference Diode is depicted as the zener diode in a metal can package shown above. But when viewing the true circuit, it really consists of nine transistors, a number of resistors and even a few capacitors, all synthesized in a monolithic integrated circuit. The zener diode only used to represent the function of the part. Of course when you select a zener diode in an axial leaded package, that package does in fact only contain just a zener diode. The point being that a zener diode is a semiconductor component and or a symbol used to represent a voltage reference.

Component part numbers are only shown for reference, and only the base part number is given. Any part provided may be available in a number of other semiconductor packages. For example the LM285 may be purchased in either a plastic TO-92, a plastic 8-pin SO package or TO-46 metal can. So the same device might also be mentioned on the pages covering any of those other package types.

Editor note; I use the phrase Diode Can only because the package has two leads. The case style and size is in fact a Transistor Outline, or TO package.

Axial Leads, .100 Pin Circle

Clip-on Metal Tube Heat Sink
Metal Can Heatsink

2-Terminal TO-46 Case Dimensions
TO-46 Alternate size

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2-Pin TO-46 Components
LM113 Precision Reference
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