Transistor Case Packages

10-Lead TO-39 Can

Transistor Can Package TO-39 Case, Through-Hole [TO39-10]

10-Terminal TO-39 Transistor Package Dimensions
10-Terminal TO-39 Package

The TO-39 package is a through-hole [metal can] device.
This example of a TO-39 metal can contains an Operational Amplifier and has ten terminals. Refer to the links to the left for other variations of a TO-39 package.
Also refer to Manufacturers of Operational Amplifiers.

Normal heat-sinks for the TO-39 will snap-on the the top of the metal case, other solid aluminum heat-sinks slide over top of the TO-39. One style is shown above, while other styles are shown on the related TO-39 pages.

Editor note; devices using this package style with this number of leads are no longer in common usage. The package dimensions are valid as shown, but there may not be any components in production using the out-line. Or using this outline with this number of terminals, note the package dimensions are also provided. An LM104, LM204 or LM304 negaitive voltage regulator would be found in this 10-terminal package.

There might be a small chance that some MIL spec program is still using this 10-lead metal can in a high-rel design, but a surface mount package would be more common in any current design, perhaps in a ceramic package. It's a certainty that no new device is offered in this package.

One of the dimensions used in the table graphic is termed BSC.
BSC stands Basic Spacing between Centers, and refers to the fact that the pins might move but the spacing between the pin don't change.

Editor Note:
This is an uncommon package.
10 leads in this style is not common.

Round metal press-on clip heat sink, thermal link
Clip-on Heatsink

TO39 Sockets are available,
specify the number of pins

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