Transistor Packages

SOT-93 Package

SOT-93 Body style Transistor or FET package

BD246 SOT-93 Transistor Picture
SOT-93 Package
SOT-93 Pin out
Base, pin 1
Collector, Pin 2
Emitter, pin 3
Collector, pin 4 [tab]
Tab my have a different function in some cases
For example when holding a FET

Note Some data sheets indicate:
The center pin is in electrical contact with the mounting tab.
A SOT-23 is also called a TO-218

The SOT-93 package is a 3-terminal molded plastic through hole component. The leads are shown straight in this picture, but they may also be ordered reformed. Normally the center lead is bent so that it mates to the printed wiring board just in front of the other two leads, which allows for larger pads on the PWB.
The metal tab may be either bolted to a metal surface which would act as a heat sink, or a separate heat-sink may be attached to the tab and secured with a nut and washer. Note that the tab is electrically connected to the collector of the transistor [in this case], so the heat-sink would need to be isolated from other conducting circuits [and ground].

SOT-93 Plastic Semiconductors;
NPN High Power Transistor; TIP35
NPN High Power Transistor; MJE4343
PNP High Power Transistor; TIP36
PNP High Power Transistor; MJE4353
PNP Power Transistor; BD246 [pictured]
SCR; HNS025 [1. Cathode, 2. Anode, 3. Gate, Tab. Anode]
TRIAC; HIT216 [1. MT1, 2. MT2, 3. Gate, Tab. Isolated]

When the tab is connected, the term non-isolated is used.

SOT-93 Transistor Package
TO-218 Transistor Package

Component Dimensions;
Plastic body height: 12.2mm
Plastic body width: 4.9mm
Lead Length: 14.8mm

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