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Thyristor Packages Styles TO-83 Case style, Bolt Mounting

TO-83 Package Outline
TO-83 Package Drawing

TO-83 Pin Configuration;

There's no shortage of different package styles. The TO-83 is another stud-mount package with rigid terminals. The graphic above shows the basic outline and call-outs for the dimensions, which are provided in the table to the left.
The following Thyristors use the TO-83 package; however other devices may use the pins differently. Thyristor: 2N1792, 2N1793, 2N1795, 2N1797, 2N1798, 2N1799, and 2N1800.

As of 1987 the TO-83 JEDEC package designation is inactive for new designs.
Some devices also indicate a designation of TO-208AD which indicates that there is a newer package designation which has replaced the older TO-83 type. The letters [AD] after the TO-208 indicate that the [208] designation refers to a number of different, but similar variations and that the TO-208 [AD] corresponds to the dimensions listed here. Although other letter designations may have different dimensions.

Mounting style:

TO-83 Dimensions
TO-83 Case Dimensions
Symbols reference the drawing

Lead Designations;
Terminal 1; Gate
Terminal 2; Cathode
Terminal 3; Anode

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