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DO-7 Package

Diode Package DO-7 Case style, Through-Hole

DO-7 Diode Package
DO-7 Diode, Axial Lead Component Package

The DO-7 package is a Axial Leaded Through-Hole device. The term DO-7 is a designation used by JEDEC to designate a particular diode package. The normal mounting method on Printed Wiring Boards [PWB] is through holes drilled into the board. The data sheet may also reference the newer JEDEC designation of DO-204AA along with the DO-7 designation.

Standard Axial Lead mounting methods should be used; bend the leads near the component body and insure the body is raised up just above the surface of the PWB. The short leads between the DO-7 and the PWB insure good heat conduction into the board [Horizontal mounting]. Vertical mounting is also possible and results in more efficient heat conduction than horizontal mounting because of the single short lead.

Copper heat sinks are available for axial leaded components, mounted horizontally to the board. The heat sink would clip onto the body of the DO-7 and either be free-standing [to dissipate heat into the air] or be attached to the printed wiring board [to dissipate heat into the board].

DO-7 Semiconductor Diode Components;
Fast-Recovery High-Voltage Power Rectifier Diode; 1N6520 through 1N6527, and 1N6528 through 1N6535
Temperature-Compensated Voltage Reference Diodes; 1N935, 1N936, 1N937, 1N938, 1N939, 1N940 [all with a B suffix].
Temperature-Compensated Voltage Reference Diodes; 1N4565A-1 through 1N4584A-1
Voltage-Variable Capacitor Diode; 1N5139A through 1N5148A, 1N5461B through 1N5476B, and 1N5461C through 1N5476C

Editor note; these are just a sample of the available parts that are supplied in a DO-7 package, there are many others. Also that a data sheet may just reference the short-hand TC to mean Temperature-Compensated.

Note the 1N940 reference diode is a widely used glass axial-leaded device in a DO-7 package.
For example [to show changes in the suffix of diodes] the 1N940 operates from 0 to 75 degrees Centigrade; the 1N940A operates to -55 to +100 degrees Centigrade; and the 1N940B operates from -55 to +150 degrees Centigrade.

Axial Lead

DO-7 Diode Package Drawing
DO-7 Diode Physical Appearance

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DO7 is similar to a DO34 & DO35

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