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DO-5 Package

Diode Package DO-5 Case style, Bolt Mount Package

DO-5 Diode Package Outline and Dimensions
DO-5 Diode, Stud-Mount Component Package

The DO-5 package is a Bolt mounted Through-Hole device used for high power diodes.

The bolt side of the component is attached to a Printed Wiring Board [PWB] or metal heat sink while the opposite end of the component requires a lead wire to attach to the PWB circuit.
The bolt is threaded so a nut may be attached to secure the component to what ever surface it's mounted to. Be sure to check the bolt size so the nut is the proper fit.

The location the bolt portion of the package mounts to should also be used as a heat sink if possible, as in a larger copper pad on the PWB or metal plate. A design detail that might be over-looked is the lead-wire used to attach the other end of the diode. Use a large gauge wire to connect to Terminal 1 of the diode. Up to a 25 gauge wire will fit through the hole diameter shown in the graphic, as detailed in the dimension table.

DO-5 Device Part Numbers:
DO-5; Fast-Recovery Schottky Barrier Diode, 1N6392 [Derating information].
DO-5; 50 watt Zener Diodes, NTE5240A to NTE5296A.

Note there are a number of different diode packages, with different outline dimensions that look very much like the DO-5 package style. A particular itiosyncosy with this package style, and in fact many two terminal bolt-mount package types is that they are also produced with an alternative pin-out. In the case of a 2-terminal diode that means that for some part numbers the cathode is on one terminal, but other part numbers place the cathode on the reverse terminal. Making matters worse is that the base part number remains the same, and only the letter R is appended to the part number to indicate that the terminals have been reverse.

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