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DO-4 Package

Diode Package DO-4 Case style, Through-Hole

DO-4 Diode Package outline shape
DO-4 Diode, Stud Mount
DO-4 Diode Package Physical Dimensions
DO-4 Diode, Dimensions

The DO-4 package is a Bolt-Mount Through-Hole component for PWB or Panel mount uses. A DO-4 package is similar to a DO-5 package but with different dimensions.
The DO-4 style may also be found designated as a DO-203AA component.
As with the DO5, the DO-4 also requires a wire soldered to the tab to make the second circuit connection.
The wired connection should be made with the largest gauge wire possible using the shortest wire length permissible.

Be sure to check the data sheet to determine the proper device orientation with the component package. Some diodes may use the stud as the anode [1N2970 to 1N3015] and some diodes may use the cathode as the stud [1N2970RB], where 'R' designates reverse polarity.

Case Mount. This style of package provides a threaded stub to attach one surface of the semiconductor device to a heat sink to achieve thermal management of the case temperature.
The DO-4 package may also be called a Screw Mount, Stud Mount, Bolt Mount, or Panel Mount device. The 10-32 stud is threaded to a 10 (.190") thread barrel with 32 threads per inch. The '10' is the diameter of the threaded portion of the stud, and the '32' refers to the number of threads per inch.

A data sheet may list this component as a DO4 or a DO-213AA which is the new designation. For example these Power Rectifier Diodes are listed as using the DO-213AA package, with a note about the DO-4 package: 1N1202A, 1N1204A, 1N1206A, 1N3671A, and 1N3673A.

A standard polarity device is provided in this package with the Anode connected to the stud and the Cathode connected to the ring terminal. A reverse polarity device is indicated by an 'R' suffix [in addition to any other suffix used as part of the part number. A reverse polarity device has the Cathode connected to the stub and the Anode connected to the ring terminal. In both cases the devices are the same, but are connected in reverse inside the device.

Editor note; some data sheets may indicate some of these parts as voltage regulators while others may indicate the parts as Zener diodes, but using the same part number.

Threaded Stud Mounting

Power Rectifier Diode;
1N1614, 1N1615, 1N1616, 1N4458, 1N4459

Fast Recovery
Power Rectifier Diode;

1N5812, 1N5814, 1N5816, 1N1206

10 Watt Zener Diodes;
NTE5174A to NTE5232A

10 Watt Regulator Diodes;
1N2970B to 1N2977B, 1N2979B, 1N2980B,
1N2982B, 1N2984B to 1N2986B,
1N2988B to 1N2993B, 1N2995B, 1N2997B,
1N2999B to 1N3005B, 1N3007B, 1N3008B,
1N3009B, 1N3011B, 1N3012B, 1N3014B,
Also RB types, 1N3993A to 1N3998A.
Reverse Bias [RB], also called;
Reverse Polarity [see note].

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DO-4 Physical Dimensions:
SL = 0.453 in.
SD = 1-32 UNF-2A Threads
CH = 0.405 in.
OAH = 0.800 in.
b = 0.250 in.
HF = 0.437 in.

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