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DO-204 Diode

Diode Package DO-204 Case style, Axial Lead Through-Hole

DO-204 Diode Package Shape and Dimensions
DO-204 Diode, Axial Lead Component Package

The DO-204 package is a Axial Leaded Through-Hole device. The normal mounting method on Printed Wiring Boards [PWB] is through holes drilled into the board.

Standard Axial Lead mounting methods should be used; bend the leads near the component body and insure the body is raised up just above the surface of the PWB. The short leads between the DO-204 and the PWB insure good heat conduction into the board [Horizontal mounting]. Vertical mounting is also possible and results in more efficient heat conduction than horizontal mounting because of the single short lead.
Refer to the Component Lead Length vs Heat Conduction topic for issues that should be taken into consideration when designing with axial leaded components.
Of course there are a number for reasons to pick an axial lead component over some other package type, including; the only package style available offered for a particular component.
Unless the design requires an axial lead part, a surface mount package that could handle the heat dissipation would be a better option.

Diodes using the DO-204 package; DO-204-AH, Switching Diode 1N6683, 1N6684, 1N6685

Axial Leaded Package

DO stands for Diode Outline.

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