Diode Package Styles

SOD-123 Diode

Diode Package SOD-123 Case style, Surface Mount

SOD-123 Surface Mount Package Out-line and Dimensions
SOD-123 Diode Package

The graphic shows the standard view of the SOD-123 case style. The dimensions are provided with a minimum and maximum. In addition to the package outline the mounting pads for the printed wiring board are also given, and which are normally omitted on the data sheet.

The data is meant to be representative, there could be variations to the package size that are outside the minimum or maximum dimensions shown here. There are also package variants including the SOD323 package, which is a smaller version of the SOD123 case.

Always check the data sheet for the absolute physical dimensions, including any recommendations for the mounting pads on the circuit board.

The SOD-123 package is a Surface Mount Device [SMD]. The two terminal package has leads shaped in the gull-wing configuration. The DO-123 is also referred to as a SOD-123 package as Small Outline Diode [SOD].

For better heat conduction into the printed circuit board, use a larger copper pad [Land] than the size shown in the picture. The larger the pad the lower the thermal resistance and the greater the heat conduction. The pad size shown in the graphic is the minimum recommended size

SOD-123 Switching Diode, 1N4148UE2

Of course this package style could also be used by other two-leaded components, but it would not use the term DO which is reserved for diodes for the package designation. In addition the same diodes using a SOD123 package [1N4148W-V] could also reside in another package, but using a different designation in their part number [1N4148 in a DO-35]

Editor note: as with many of these package graphics in this section, both the outline shape is shown and the actual physical dimensions are provided. The odd difference here is that this particular graphic does not supply a minimum dimension for a number of the distances. As a rule when the dimensions are provided they are given as a minimum and a maximum value in both inches and millimeters. However the minimum dimensions that are missing do not effect the other dimensions in the chart.

Surface Mount Device
Low Power SMD

Diode Applications:
Small signal diode
Schottky diode
Switching diode
Zener diode

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