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RG6. 75 Ohm impedance cable, MIL-DTL-17/2-RG6. Double shielded cable with a PVC jacket, which is the outermost layer of insulating material of a cable. RG6 is a high-end video cable.

RG6 Cable Diagram, Double Shielded Cable
75 Ohm Shielded Coax, RG-6

The RG6 cable uses both an outer and inner metal Braid which may be used to shield the inner conductor or as another conductor. When used as a metallic covering the braid is intended to minimize the effects of electrical crosstalk interference or signal radiation. An RG6 cable may be terminated using a connector specified by MIL-PRF-39012 [series 'N' and 'SC' connectors].

RG6 Composition:
The inner conductor is a solid copper-covered steel wire with a diameter of 0.0285 inches.
The dielectric core is a solid polyethylene material with a diameter of 0.185 inches.
The outer conductor which is comprised of both the inner braid and outer braid uses 34AWG copper wire, with a 95 percent coverage.
The outer jacket is a PVC material with a diameter of 0.332 inches.

Characteristics per Length:
Capacitance per 100 feet; 220pF
DC Resistance per 100 feet; 4.4 ohms
Signal Attenuation per 100 feet; 6.5dB [0.4GHz]
Signal Attenuation per 100 feet; 23dB [3.0GHz]
Weight per 100 feet; 8.2 pounds

The original RG6-A/U standard was superseded by M17/2-RG6 which was than superseded by M17/180-00001 [which is the current specification].

RG-6 cables are still used, by the military using the document number shown above and by commercial users as a cable TV interface under the name RG6.
The original specification was MIL-DTL-17/2 but has been superseded by MIL-C-17/180, which is the low smoke version.

BNC Connector Definition [including graphics]

Note; The outer conductor could be used to carrier a signal, but in almost all cases is used to carrier the signal reference or the signal ground. The outer conductors connect to the connector shell and almost always make an electrical connection to the device it attaches to.

The jacket normally has a black color, but could be specified as almost any color.

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