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RG22 Cable

RG22 is a obsolete government designation for an RF cable in the old RG series. Although in a very few cases the RG abbreviation [Radio Grade] is still referenced in some documents. However from about the 1970's onward the RG designation is no longer used because its considered inaccurate. However commercial companies continue to use the terms for products because their convenient, and generally descriptive of a generic class of cable. But the name RG22 has no real meaning as the original specification was renamed long ago, and the true definition went with it.

RG22 Defined

RG22 is a 90 Ohm Flexible RF Twinaxial shielded cable. The two insulated central conductors which form the twinax are twisted along their length.

The RG22 graphic covers two very similar cable types; an armored RG111 and an unarmored RG22 cable. The official part numbers are M17/15-RG111 and M17/15-RG022, both of which are covered under the DOD specification MIL-DTL-17/15. Which uses the updated part identification as M17/182-x. Where x represents 00001 for RG22 and 00002 represents RG111. The two cables are basically identical except for the addition of the armor covering [a single braid of aluminum wire].

Diagram of an RG22 cable with component call-outs
RG22 Twinaxial Cable

RG22 Electrical Characteristics

Specification: MIL-C-17/182
Characteristic Impedance: 95 ohms +/- 5 ohms
Capacitance: 17.4pF per foot.
Weight RG22: 0.134 pounds per foot
Weight RG111: 0.161 pounds per foot
Attenuation [100MHz]: 4dB per 100 feet
Attenuation [200MHz]: 6dB per 100 feet
Outside Diameter [OD] RG22: 0.420 inches.
Outside Diameter [OD] RG111: 0.490 inches.

Component Manufacturers:
Twinax and Coax Cable Vendors
Twinax and Coax Connector Vendors

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