Through-hole Trimmer per MIL-PRF-39015
Passive Components

Potentiometer Manufacturers

This is a listing of Variable Resistor Manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the manufacturers produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Manufacturers with carbon or cermet under their listing is just a notation for the material used.

POTentiometer Information{Resistor Shunt Design example}
Resistors Manufacturers
There are three types of Variable Resistors, each of which consist of a three terminal resistor; two fixed end leads and one lead attached to a variable tap.
The variable tap is movable to change the resistance, between the tap and terminal.
Potentiometer: Designed for frequent changes ~ a volume control
Trimmer: Designed for less then frequent changes [occasional]~ a trim pot on a PCB to finalize a circuit resistance. Trimmer Package Styles
Rheostat: A three terminal potentiometer which only uses two terminals.
The material used determines the Variable Resistor's operational range [temperature and wattage]. The material may be;
Carbon composition, Resistive wire [Wirewound], Conductive Plastic, and Cermet [a mixture of ceramic and metal].

3-D drawing of a Thumb-wheel Potentiometer

ACP {carbon/cermet potentiometers and trimmer Manufacturer}

BC Components, see Vishay

BI Technologies {Precision Pot's/Trimmer Manufacturer}

Bourns {Precision/Trimmer Pots}

C & K Components "Cannon/ITT Industries" {Sealed Trimming Potentiometer Manufacturer}

CTS {Pots-Trimmer Manufacturer}

Maurey Instrument Corp. {Rotary/Linear Motion Wirewound/Conductive plastic Potentiometer Manufacturer}

Micro-Ohm Corp. {Cermet/Precision Wirewound Trimmer}

Murata Electronics {Trimmer Potentiometer Manufacturer}

Nobel {Potentiometer Board/Panel Mount-Thumb Wheel-Slide-Trimmer}

NTE Electronics Inc. {Pots - Trimmers}

Omeg Ltd. {Conductive Plastic Potentiometer Manufacturer}

{Rheostat - Potentiometer Manufacturer}

P3 America {Precision potentiometers: Single and Multiturn. Linear motion LVDT's:, Motorized potentiometers, Industrial joysticks, Proportional valve actuators}

PIHER International Corp. {Carbon/Cermet element trimmer potentiometer Manufacturer}

Spectrum Control, Inc. {Rotary Potentiometer, Linear Potentiometer, Motorized Potentiometer, Fader Potentiometer, Hollow Shaft Potentiometer, Position Sensors}

TOCOS America, Inc {Trimmer Manufacturer}

Token Passive Components {High Voltage Focus Potentiometers}

Vishay {Cermet element trimmer - potentiometer - Rheostat variable Resistor Manufacturer}

Potentiometer Derating Guide Lines
Derating Adjustable Wire-Wound Resistor Chart

MIL-PRF-22; Resistors, Variable, (Wirewound, Power Type), General Specification
MIL-PRF-22097; Resistor, Variable, Non-wire Wound (Adjustment Type), General Specification

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Semiconductor Potentiometer Manufacturers

These products are ICs not mechanical components.

Analog Devices

Intersil {Digitally Controlled Potentiometers DCP}

Linear Dimensions Semiconductor {Silicon Variable Resistor Manufacturer}

Maxim {I2C Adjustable digital potentiometer}


ON Semiconductor

Summit Microelectronics Inc. {Nonvolatile DACPOT IC Manufacturer}

These manufacturers produce active devices, so you have to watch the applied voltage, and of course the power dissipation.

DCP Block Diagram
Digitally Controlled Potentiometer

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Listing of Variable Resistors [Trimmer Manufacturers and Potentiometer Manufacturers] . The list also includes active Potentiometer Manufacturers.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Sub-divided into Passive Potentiometer manufacturers, and Active Potentiometer manufacturers.
Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below,
Equipment manufacturers listed under the OEM Equipment icon.

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