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This is a listing of Resistor manufacturers. The listing is subdivided into Passive Linear Resistor Manufacturers, Nonlinear Resistor Manufacturers and Active Resistor component manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the company produce are listed under the manufacturers name, in alphabetic order.

Resistor Information {5% Standard Values, 1% Standard Values, EIA Chip Sizes, Ring Band/Color Code}

Resistor Manufacturers

Resistor Vendors;
Aeroflex {Thin Film Resistor Chips}

American Technical Ceramics Corp. {high power resistive products for microwave and RF applications}

Anaren {RF Power Resistors}

Barry Industries Inc. {RF Power Resistor Manufacturer}

Bourns {Surface Mount Chip Resistor Arrays-Through Hole Resistor Networks, Power Resistors}

Caddock {Precision Resistors, Power Film, Low TC}

Component General Inc. {High power resistors, High power terminations, High power attenuators}

CTS Corp. {Through Hole/Surface Mount Resistors Networks-Surface Mount Chip Arrays}

EBG Inc. {High Voltage/High Power Resistor; 0.1 ohm to 10 gigohm; voltage ranges of 1 to 60 kV; wattage ranges of 1 to 600 watts}

Electro Technik {Power resistors, Precision resistors metal film resistors, Carbon film resistors, Chassis mount resistors, Zero ohm jumpers, Surface mount resistors, Wirewound resistors, Line feed protectors, Current shunt resistors, High voltage resistors, Thick film resistors}

EMC Technology {ROD Resistors, Ultra High Power Chip Resistors; Frequency Range from DC to 18 GHz}

International Manufacturing Services 'ims' {Surface Mount Resistor Manufacturer. Wrap-around Chip, Single-Side, Nickel Barrier, Power}

IRC {Surface Mount-Wirewound-Networks-High voltage-Thick/Thin Film-Carbon-zero ohm Resistors}

Isotek {metal Clad Wire Wound Resistor - metal Foil Precision Conformally Coated/Hermetically Sealed Resistors-Current Sensing Resistors}

KOA Speer {Surface Mount Resistors, Resistor Arrays, Leaded Resistors}

Kyocera {Thick Film Chip Resistors}

Meritek Electronics Corp. {Carbon/metal/Thick Film Resistors}

Micro-Ohm Corp. {Power/Precision/Film/metal Resistors}

muRata {High Voltage Resistor}

NTE Electronics Inc.
{Flame Proof Resistors metal Film / Aluminum Housed Power Wire-wound Resistors. Surface Mount, metal Film, Fusible Power Oxide, vitreous wirewound}

OhmCraft Inc. {Surface-Mount Thick film and thin film Resistor Manufacturer. High Voltage, High Value, Military, Bondable}

Ohmite {Surface Mount, Carbon, Ceramic, Wire, metal Oxide, Power, Glass enclosed, Plate Resistors}

Pacific Resistor Co. 'PRC' {Power Resistor Manufacturer, High Precision, Surface Mount, Chassis Mount, 4-Terminal, Networks}

Panasonic Industrial Components {Precision/Thick Film Resistors-Chip Array/Networks Resistors-Varistor}

Precision Resistive Products Inc. {Audio Resistors-Ultra Precision-High Frequency-Extended Range-Precision SIP Voltage Dividers-Customized Resistors-Networks Resistors}

Precision Resistor Company, Inc. 'PRC' {Ultra Precision, Power, SMD, Axial, Wirewound, Resistors, Sensors, and Shunts}

Pro-An Electronic Co. Ltd {Carbon Film, Fixed Wire Wound, metal Oxide, Fusible Film, metal Film}

RARA Electronics Corp. {High power, metal clad,wire wound resistors / shunts / heaters}

RCD Components Inc. {Wire-wound Precision/Power/Chassis Mount-Carbon-metal Film/Oxide-Flame proof-Micro-Ceramic-Tubular-Network Resistors}

RF Techniques Inc. {High Power RF Resistors/Attenuators/Terminations - Normal Resistors}

Riedon {Wirewound, thick film, thin film, power resistors, precision resistors, high voltage, high pulse, high temperature, surface mount, leaded, Networks, and specialty}

ROHM Products {metal Film - Thick Film - Chip Resistor}

SEI Electronics, Inc. "Stackpole Electronics Inc" {Chip / Axial Resistors. Surface Mount Power Devices}

State of the Art Inc. {High Reliability Thick / Thin Film Resistors}

Thin Film Technology {Chip Resistors}

Thunder Components Ltd. {Chip Resistor Networks, SIP Networks, Fusible Resistors Precision metal film, metal Oxide Film, Carbon Film, Cement Wirewound, KNp Wirewound, Weldable, Zero Ohm Jumper Wire}

Token Passive Components {General purpose-Power-High Voltage-Ultra Precision MIL-R-10509, MIL-R-55182 Resistors}

Vishay {Film, Wire wound Resistor-Resistor Networks}

Wilbrecht Electronics Inc {metal Foil- NASA/QPL qualified Resistors; RNC90 through-hole style}

{Power resistor manufacturer: Wire-wound, Cermet resistors}

Fixed Resistor Types
Carbon Composition Resistors: Carbon Definition
Wirewound Resistors: Heat-Sinked, Phenlic, Ceramic, Flameproof, Enamel, Silicone Coated, Wire Wound Definition
Film Resistors: Cermet, Carbon Film, metal Film, metal Oxide Film, Film Definition
Resistor Networks: Schematic and IC's. Resistor Network Styles, Derating Resistors over Temperature
Military Standard Resistors; Mil Spec Resistor Document Numbers
Definition of Resistor Terms

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This is a listing of Electronic Resistor manufacturers and vendors.
The listing is subdivided into Passive Linear Resistor, Nonlinear Resistor and Active Resistor IC manufacturers.
Thermistor and Varistor manufacturers are listed under the Nonlinear Resistor Manufacturers heading.
The types of products or components each manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.
Additional engineering component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below.

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