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Military Resistor Specifications and Resistor Standards

Terms: MIL; Military, R; Resistor, PRF; Performance, HDBK; HandBook.

MIL-HDBK-199 - Resistors, Selection and use of
The standards are listed below, along with the package style defined in the standard.

MIL-R-93: Resistors, Fixed Wire-Wound (Accurate).
MIL-R-93-3 - Style RB16

MIL-R-11/11: Cancelled, no replacement.

MIL-R-19: Resistors, Variable Wire-Wound (Low Operating Temperature)
MIL-PRF-19 - General Specification For
MIL-PRF-19/2 -Style RA20
MIL-PRF-19/3 -Style RA30

MIL-R-22: Resistors, Variable, (Wire Wound, Power Type), (Un-Enclosed)
MIL-PRF-22-1 - Style RP06

MIL-R-914: Resistors, Networks, Fixed, Film, Surface Mount
MIL-PRF-914 - General Specification

MIL-R-10509 Resistors, Fixed, Film
MIL-R-10509/8 Style RN50

MIL-R-19074: Superseded by MIL-R-10509D

MIL-R-22684/3: Inactive for new designs

MIL-R-22097: Resistors, Variable, Non-Wire Wound, (Adjustment Type, Non-Actuated)
MIL-PRF-22097-1 - Style RJ11

MIL-R-38101: Refer to 55182.

MIL-R-39007: Resistors, Fixed, Wire-Wound (Power Type), General Specification For
MIL-PRF-39007/ -Style RWR71
MIL-PRF-39007/5 -Style RWR71
MIL-PRF-39007/6 -Style RWR74
MIL-PRF-39007/7 -Style RWR78
MIL-PRF-39007/9 -Style RWR81
MIL-PRF-39007/8 -Style RWR80
MIL-PRF-39007/11 -Style RWR89

MIL-R-39008/5: Cancelled, no replacement.

MIL-R-39009: ---.
MIL-PRF-39009 Performance Specification, Resistors, Fixed, Wire-Wound (Power Type, Chassis Mounted),
Non-established Reliability, and Established Reliability, General Specification

MIL-R-39017/4: Inactive use 22684, which is also inactive
MIL-PRF-39007/5 -Style RWR71
MIL-PRF-39007/6 -Style RWR71

MIL-R-39035: Resistor, Variable, Non-Wire Wound (Adjustment Type), General Specification For

MIL-R-55182: ----Resistors, Fixed, Non established Reliability, Established Reliability and Space Level
MIL-PRF-55182 -General Specification
MIL-PRF-55182/9 -Style RNC90
MIL-PRF-55182/13 -Style RNC77
MIL-R-55182/2 -Style RNR57
MIL-PRF-55182/3 -Style RNR60
MIL-PRF-55182/3 -Style RNR65

MIL-PRF-55342/7 - Resistors, Fixed, Film,... Style RN1206

Resistor Tree
MIlitary Resistor Specifications

The listed military standards may have been canceled with no replacement.
Before a document is written ensure that the specification may be sited and has not be replaced by another specification.
The revision of the standard is not listed here, as the documents my be updated at any time.

Editor Note;
Commercial grade, military grade, and military Established Reliability grade resistors are physically and functionally identical with the exception of failure rate levels.
These failure rate levels can vary by orders of magnitude. The abbreviation ER stands for Established Reliability.

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Resistor information is located on the Resistor design page. Resistor Definitions

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