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Resistor Networks - Package Style

IC Package dimensions for two common Resistor Network Packages.
The first graphics depict a 16-pin Surface Mount Package.
The caption includes the term DIP to indicate a dual in-line package and not a through-hole part

Side view of a surface mount gull-wing resistor package
Side View 16-pin DIP (Surface Mount)

Top view of a surface mount gull-wing resistor package including dimensions
Top View 16-pin DIP (Surface Mount)

This data is from a Commercial Item Description as CID-87012. 10/2000 [see the note below].
Resistor Network, Fixed, Film, Surface Mount, Gull Wing, 16 Pin

Refer to MIL-PRF-914/2

Both views of the 16-pin DIP package view provide mechanical dimensions to indicate the size of the component. The dimensions indicated are in inches.

This topic covers Resistor Network Schematics for DIP packages and links to many other package styles.
A related page covers Resistor Array Manufacturers or vendors.

Molded plastic 16-pin DIP Resistor Package outline and dimensions
Molded 16-pin DIP

The 16 pin through-hole DIP package has been common for many years now. Make note of the physical dimensions because they are not the same a 16-pin IC DIP. Yes, both the 16-pin IC and resistor package can use the same IC socket or pad lay-out on the printed wiring board. The difference is in the thickness of the physical body, and the amount the body moves past the ends of the pins. Not really a problem unless these packages are placed end-to-end on the circuit board.

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