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Non-Standard Resistor Networks

Non-Standard Resistor Configuration [6-pin SIP Resistor Network]

The schematics below show two different resistor configurations for resistor networks available in a 6 pin SIP package. The resistors within the package will normally be the value depicted. However, if a custom device is specified than any standard resistor value or combination of values may be specified in any location, or Capacitors may be substituted for resistors in any location.

6-pin SIP IC package
UnCommon Resistor Network

Graphic shows a 6-pin SIP, with resistor values.

6-pin SIP IC package
6-Pin SIP Outline

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SIP Style; [Through-Hole]
Non-standard Resistor Configurations 8-pin SIP
Uncommon Resistor Configurations 8-pin SIP

Isolated Resistor Network Schematic, SIP, Single In-Line Package.
Bused Resistor Network Schematic, SIP, Single In-Line Package.
Dual Termination Resistor Network Schematic, SIP Single InLine Pack

DIP Style; [Through-Hole]
Resistor Network Schematic, DIP, Dual In-Line Package.
RC Networks, DIP, Dual In-Line Package.

LLCC Style; [Surface Mount]
20-pin LLCC Network Schematics, Leadless Chip Carrier.
16-pin LLCC Network Schematic, Leadless Chip Carrier.
36-pin BGA Array Schematic, Ball Grid Array.

PC motherboard

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