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Resistor Terms:

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Resistor Networks

Individual Resistors [Resistor Array]
Although a 6-pin Leadless Chip Carrier [LLCC] is shown below, other component packages are possible. This package style [interconnect style] is used when there is no common connection point for each individual resistors.

R-Array 20-pin LLCC IC
6-Pin Resistor Network

Individual Resistors, common connection
The resistor array shown above provides three different 6-pin LLCC arrangements.

Refer to the tables to the right to see standard values for R1, R2, R3 and R4 [per 88020-00x].
Ratio accuracy. The ratio accuracy shall be +/-0.02 percent for -001 and +/-0.05 percent for the remaining dash numbers.
Power rating. The power rating shall be 0.10 watt at 70C derated to zero power at 125C in accordance with MIL-PRF- 914.
Package power rating. The package power rating shall be 0.10 watt times the number of individual elements.
Operating voltage. The maximum operating voltage shall be 30 V dc.
Operating temperature. The operating temperature shall be -55C to +125C.

Graphic of a 6-pin LLCC Package
Leadless Chip Package

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Passive Resistor/Capacitor; RC Network Schematic.

Circuit Types;

A resistor network is a package that contains a group of resistors that are interconnected in some manner. While a resistor array is a package that contains some number of resistors that are separate and not interconnected.

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