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Chart of Properties of Nichrome Wire

A Chart of Properties of Nichrome Wire. The table uses Brown and Sharpe's Gauges [B&S note].
Table shows wire gauge vs wire size and resistance per length.
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Note that Brown and Sharpe is a different wire gauge standard than the AWG [primarily in name].
Regardless the table provides all the normal data required when designing with wire.

wire gague standard vs cross sectional area
Nichrome Resistance Wire

B&S Note: The term 'Brown and Sharpe' is out dated in regards to the American Wire Gauge.
By the early 1900's the Brown and Sharpe table became known as the American Wire Gauge.
I'm not really sure why B&S is even being referenced any longer.
Brown and Sharpe was a company that produced wire.

Aluminum wire properties are listed under on the Aluminum Electrical Wire Gauges page

Manufacturers listing for Electrical Wire and Cable

What is Nichrome wire; a brand name for a nickel-chromium resistance wire, a non-magnetic alloy of nickel and chromium.

Most standard applications of Nichrome wire do not require the wire to be insulated;
however a related topic covers Wire Insulation Color Codes; Color coding of wire insulation based on application.

Determine cable length vs. voltage drop. Determine cable length vs. Heat increase.
Of course with Nichrome wire you might be looking for the heat increase.

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