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Chart of Properties of Monel Wire

A Chart of Properties of Monel Wire. The table uses Brown and Sharpe's Gauges, and shows wire gauge vs wire size.
The chart indicates B/S number, Diameter, Area, Resistance/1000 feet, Weight/1000 feet, and Ohms per pound.

wire gague standard vs cross sectional area
Monel Wire Gauge Chart

Note that the wire resistance is given at 75 degrees C for 1000 feet of wire.
Cable weight is also given for 1000 feet of wire. The last column provides resistance in ohms per pound of wire.

Monel wire is made of a Nickel-Copper alloy wire [Ni-Cr]

Use this table as a reference only.
The Brown and Sharpe wire Gauge was discontinued long ago in favor of the American Wire Gauge Chart.
The Aluminum Wire Gauge Table page lists Aluminum wire properties.

Determine cable length vs. voltage drop. Determine cable length vs. Heat increase.

Also see the Wire Insulation Color Code page;
Color coding of wire insulation based on application.

Other wire gauge standards [out-dated wire size chart].

Manufacturers list of Electrical Wire and Cable companies

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