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Semiconductor Packaging Terms
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Cavity: The void that holds the semiconductor die within the package of an IC. Read more about the IC Cavity Orientation.

COB: Chip on Board. An MCM integrated bare die mounted directly on to the interconnect substrate. [COB Packaging]

Conformal Coating: An insulative coating that conforms to the configuration of the object being coated.

Die: The semiconductor wafer cut into individual dies. Note semiconductor die size effects thermal resistance, although the user has no control over the size of the chip die. Thermal resistance decreases as the chip die increases.

Die bonding: The attachment of an integrated circuit chip to a substrate or header. Also refer to Bonding Pads. A graphic on the companion site; Also refer to the Wire Bonding.

Encapsulate: To seal or cover an element or circuit for mechanical and environmental protection.

ePTFE: Expanded PolyTetraFluoroEthylene.

Facedown bonding: A method of attaching a component or circuit chip to a substrate by inverting the chip and bonding chip contacts to the mirror-image contact points on the substrate.

Flatpack: An integrated circuit package whose leads extend from the sides and are parallel to the base. Graphic of a Thin Quad Flat Pack.

Flip-chip: A chip that has bumped termination spaced on the face of the device and is designed for face-down mounting. Direct attachment of a bare die face down with the surface of the die being placed in direct contact with the substrate.

Footprint: The area occupied on the substrate by a component or element. The foot-print may or may not be larger than the Land-Pattern depending on the package style of the IC, or if the IC body extends over the area used by the terminals. In addition there may be an additional keep-out area surrounding all or part of the IC body, which adds to the over-all foot-prints [for assembly, rework, heat and so on].

Laminate: A product made by bonding two or more layers together, usually of different materials, under heat and pressure to form a single structure.

Lead: [Pb] A soft, heavy metal used in solder compositions and other alloys. A material that is restricted by the RoHS standard.

MCM: Multi Chip Modules. A hybrid microcircuit that contains two or more microcircuits, each having greater than 100,000 junctions. Also see the Multi Chip Module Packaging topic which includes terms and vendor links.

Multilayer Molded package: [MM] A PQFP with enhanced performance achieved by a pair of power and ground planes. These planes significantly reduce the power-ground capacitance, making the package ideal for high-speed device operation.

Pad: The metallized area on a substrate or on the face of an integrated circuit used for making electrical connections. Also see the Land Definition which is part of the printed wiring board dictionary of terms.

Passivation: Making the surface of a material passive, or non-reactive.

PCB: Printed Circuit Board. A board with no parts attached; however after assembly and components are installed, the unit would be called a Circuit Card Assembly [CCA].

PCTF: Plated Copper on Thick films.

Pitch: The nominal distance from center to center of adjacent conductors or pins.

Plating: Metallic deposit on a surface, formed either chemically or electro-chemically.

RoHS The Restriction of Hazardous Substances standard limits the amount of certain elements used in the manufacture of electronic components. There are six chemicals that are controlled under the standard. Detailed RoHS Description

Semiconductor Die: The semiconductor wafer cut into individual dies. This example is for a PLCC, so there are bonding pads on all four sides of the semiconductor slice, just like the pins coming off the package. Also LCC style.

Metal Bonding Pads surrounding a Semiconductor Die

Vias: The through-holes in the PCB which connect one layer to another or which act as a thermal path from one layer to another. Also refer to the PWB Dictionary.

PC motherboard

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