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MIL-STD-100G, dated 9 June 1997 is hereby canceled. Future requirements for engineering drawings should refer to the following American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards and Appendices, as applicable:

Commercial Drawings: ASME Y14.100
DoD Basic Practices: ASME Y14.100
Types of Engineering Drawings: ASME Y14.24
Revision of Engineering Drawings: ASME Y14.35M
Associated Lists: ASME Y14.34M

MIL-STD-100, Engineering Drawing Practices, 1 March 1965
MIL-STD-100A 1 October 1967
MIL-STD-100B 15 October 1975
DOD-STD-100C 22 December 1978
Notice 1; 30 April 1980
Notice 2; 28 November 1980
Notice 3; 1 March 1983
Notice 4; 4 May 1983
Notice 5; 18 August 1987
Notice 6 ; 15 March 1988
DOD-STD-00100D (AR), 3 April 1987 (used in lieu of DOD-STD-100C)
MIL-STD-100E 20 September 1991
Interim Notice 1(AR), 30 March 1992
Notice 2; 4 September 1992
Notice 3; 16 June 1995
MIL-STD-100F 9 September 1996
MIL-STD-100G 9 June 1997
Notice 1, Cancellation, 14 December 2001

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