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Thermal Compound Manufacturers are listed under IC Accessories.
Thermal adhesives are listed on the thermal adhesives page.
Shrink Tubing are listed on the Heat Shrink Manufacturers page
ESD Signs Static Sensitive Labels page

Class C Fire Extinguisher

3M {IC Trays / Chips - metal Tape - Anti Static Equipment}

Alliance Plastics {Threaded/Non-Threaded Caps/Plugs, High Temperature Masking, Electrical Cable Ties}

Alpha {Shrinkable - Liquid Tight and Non Shrinkable tubing}

APM Hexseal {Rubber seal switches/Relays/Keypads-Gasket}

Brady Corporation {Signs, Labels, Markers, Tags, Pipe Markers}

Canare {Cable Reels, Snake Systems, Tools}

Caplugs {Caps Plugs-Tapered/Threaded Caps-Masking Parts} **Select by MIL Spec# or NAS#**

Charleswater {Static Control Product Manufacturer}

Chemtronics {Solder Wick-Flex Remover-Cleaner-Lubricant manufacturer}

Desco Industries, Inc. {ESD Control Products}

M. M. Newman Corp. {Tubing}

Rogers Corp. {High Performance Elastomers and Laminates}

Tech Spray Inc. {Adhesives-Lubricant-Static Control-Brushes.}

Thermal Memory
{Cable protection heat shrink tubing - defense, aerospace, and naval marine industries.
High voltage UL3239 wires, AS41088 high temperature spiral wrap bindings}

Rad Warning Label

Parts {Cable Clamp Manufacturers, Heat Shrink Manufacturers, Leveling Product Manufacturers,
Strain Relief Manufacturers, Grommet Manufacturers, Bumpon Manufacturers.}

Cable Clamp Manufacturers
Cable Strain Relief Manufacturers
Caster Manufacturers
Captive Screw Manufacturers
Heat Shrink Tubing Manufacturers
Desiccant Manufacturers
Solderless Terminal Manufacturers

Design Hunts Safety markings in chassis design

A listing of Mechanical Supply Manufacturers and Vendors. The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name.
Other Mechanical Supply manufacturers which produce different products may be found under the Components icon / Mechanical, on the next page.
Additional electronic component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

PC motherboard

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