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This is a listing of Dial and Knob Manufacturers and Vendors.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

In general mechanical dials have given way to push button selections, to navigate a digital menu.

Equipment Knob Manufacturers

APEM Components Inc.
{Machined Aluminum Control Knobs, Cosmetic Black Gloss Control Knobs, Black Phenolic Control Knobs}

{Dials-Modular Contacts-Panel Controls manufacturer}

Davies Molding L.L.C.
{Plastic Knob manufacturer, Handles}

Dimco-Gray Company
{Instrument Knob manufacturer}

Electronic Hardware Corp. 'EHC'
{Plastic Knob; Aerospace Knobs, Instrument Knobs, Military Knobs, Consumer Knobs, Control Knobs, Push-On Knobs}

Innovative Components, Inc.
{Plastic Knob manufacturer; Plastic Star Knobs, Plastic 3-Prong Knob, Plastic Fluted Knobs, Plastic Knurled Knobs, Plastic T-Knobs, Plastic Ball Knobs, Plastic Pull Knobs}

Kilo International
{Turns-counting dials and precision aluminum instrumentation knobs}

Selco Products Company
{Collet, Push on, Two Color, Pushbutton, Slider Knobs}

{Latches, Hinges, Handles}

{Plastic Knobs; Gray, Black, Spring clip or metal insert/Set screw, ABS, Nylon}

OKW Enclosures Inc.
{Top/Combination/Aluminum Cap/Slide Control Knobs}


Military Specifications

MIL-D-28728/5B Dial, Control, Multi-turn Counters, Three Digits

MIL-D-28728/3A Dial, Control, Multi-turn Counters

MIL-D-28728/2B Dial, Control, Multi-turn Counters, Vernier, 1.75 Diameter
Of course a knob could be almost any size and shape.
Plastic and aluminum seem to be the most common materials made into knobs.
Materials used might be molded in ABS, polypropylene, or thermoplastic elastomer elements.
The point of the list is to provide a starting point for finding a vendor.

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Standard Dial Terms:
Instrumentation Knob used to control electronic instrumentation.
Control Knob used to control or change functions of electronic instrumentation.
Control Dial could be the same as a control knob.
Indicator Dials which could be some form of interface which also displays movement or a measurement.
Knobs are also referenced by the type of switch they are used with; Pushbutton knobs, Slider Knobs or Touch Knobs
Colors could range the entire spectrum, but dials will normally be one, two or three colors.

A listing of Instrumentation Knob manufacturers and Vendors. The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon.

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