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MEC Description

Mazda Electronic Control [MEC], but may also be Mazda Engine Control, or Mazda Engine Control System [MECS].
Mazda Engine Control [MEC] System applies both to Mazda and any Ford cars that used Mazda engines.
MEC-I is a Bosch-licensed "L-Montronic" System made by NipponDenso.
L-Montronic is a term for a traditional Bosch vane-type air-flow sensor fuel-injection system [according to a Ford Fuel Injection application note].
MEC-I systems may be found in [1988-1992]; 1.3L engines for Festiva, 1.6L 1991 and later engines [Mazda 323],
1.8L for Escorts and Mercury Tracers, Mazda 323 and Protege, 2.2L 1992 Ford Probe cars.
Beginning in 1994 all 2.0L engine control is by Ford EEC instead of Mazda MECS. EEC: Electronic Engine Control
MEC-II systems may be found in [1993 and later]; 2.5L V-6 engines in 1993 Ford Probe, 2.0L 1993 4-cylinder 4EAT cars.

There is a mec-6 pin and mec-17 pin aka mec I and mec II.
Not really sure who controls the MEC spec.
But I assume the specification is controlled by Bosch, in Germany.
However because of the dates used above, this Physical Interface may not be currently implemented.

Many other Motor vehicle interfaces are linked to at the top of the page.
Most of the Automotive Buses are Physical Interfaces, but a few may just be protocol standards.
The Topology or how the interfaces interconnect between components within the vehicle due vary.
However all of the vehicle interfaces are cable buses and full under the term 'bused' interconnect.
Keep in mind that some of the interfaces may use fiber, but most use copper wire as the interconnect.

Also note that Passenger cars and trucks or other large transports all use the same buses;
That is to say, if they use MEC than it's the same interface between a car or truck [there are not two different buses].

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