Description of IC Company Prefixes

This is a list of company letter prefixes for Integrated Circuit manufacturers.
Normally these prefixes are used as the first part of the part number for a device.
For example, a Texas Instrument [TI] glue logic device may have a part number of SN74xx00.
The 'SN' indicates that TI manufactured the device, the remaining is the part type.
The MC74F74N is a flip flop produced by Motorola, indicated by the 'MC'.
So by knowing the prefix you can tell which manufacturer produced the IC.
Having the company logo or brand on the IC helps too, but only if it recognized.

7474 flip flop produced by Motorola
Motorola Flip Flop

AD; Analog Devices
AM; Advanced Micro Devices
AT; Atmel
bq; Benchmarq
CA; RCA (analog)
CD; RCA (digital)
CLC; Comlinear Corp.
CS; Crystal Semiconductor
CS; Cherry Semiconductor
CY; Cypress Semiconductor
DG; Siliconix
DS; Dallas Semiconductor
DM; National Semiconductor (digital)
EDI; Electronic Designs Inc, EDI
EL; Elantec
EP; Altera (Classic series)
EPC; Altera (EPROM)
EPF; Altera (Flex series)
EPM; Altera (MAX series)
GM; Goldstar
HA; Hitachi (analog)
HAT; Hitachi
HD; Hitachi (digital)
HEF; Philips
HI; Harris
HM; Harris Microwave
HM; Hitachi
HY; Hyundai
HYB; Siemens
IDT; Integrated Devices Technology, IDT
IRF; International Rectifier
IP; Integrated Power
IT; Micron
HI; Intersil [Harris]
LGS; Goldstar
LM; National
M; Mitsubishi
MACH; Vantis (MACH, PLD)
MAX; Maxim
MB; Fujitsu
MC; Motorola
MN; Micro Networks
MT; Micron Technology
NDS; National Semiconductor
NE; Signetics
OKI; Oki Data
MC; ON Semiconductor [Motorola]
PI; Pericom
PM; PMI "Analog Devices"
PWM; Siliconix
QL; Quick Logic
QSI; Quality Semiconductor
SA; Signetics
SD; SGS Thomson
SE; Signetics
SEC; Samsung Electronics
SG; Silcon General
SI; Siliconix
SN; Texas Instruments, TI (Standard commercial grade parts)
SNJ; Texas Instruments, TI (MIL/QML Qualified)
SPT; Signal Processing Technologies, SPT
SSD; Samsung Electronics
SU; Signetics
SY; Synergy Semiconductor
TA; Toshiba
TC; Toshiba
TD; Pro-Electronics
TL; Texas Instruments (analog, Linear)
TMS; Texas Instruments
X; Xicor
XC; Xilinx
XR; Exar Corp.
uA; Fairchild
UC; Unitrode Integrated Circuits
Z; Zilog
ZD; Zeltex

Some of the companies listed may have been sold to other manufacturers.
Use the Alphabetic Listing of Manufacturers to see the complete list.
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How to determine which company produces an IC based on the text printed on the Integrated Circuit.
A note about the list; companies come and go all the time, so a number of the IC manufacturers listed are no longer around.
In addition a company could come out with a new IC line at any time, generating a new prefix which is not listed.

Editor note; I started this list about ten years ago, so many of these companies have merged with another company.
So unless the company became a separate division, they are likely to be branded by the new company logo or prefix.
Of course the logo would not change for existing products already in the pipe-line, stocked or fielded components.
However thats one of the benefits of the company list, you can pick up a legacy board and identify the company that made the IC.
Also, some other company may have picked up on the unused prefix after a company using it as an identifier was no longer in business.

I could have made two lists, one for current vendors and one for companies that have gone out of business.
But you never know when a company will start being used again, as they reuse brand names.

PC motherboard

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