Laser Diode Manufacturers

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This is a listing of Laser Diode manufacturers.
The types of products or devices the companies produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

Manufacturers of Laser Diodes

CrystaLaser {Diode Pumped Crystal Laser}

Hamamatsu {CW Laser Diode, Pulsed Laser Diode, QCL}

Laser Diode Array Inc.

Laser Diode Incorporated {High Power CW Laser Diodes, OTDR Instrument Lasers}

Laserex Technologies {Laser Diode Modules}

Opnext Inc. {Red Laser Diodes, Infrared Laser Diodes}

SANYO {Optical Laser Diodes}

A laser diode is a type Light Emitting Diode, but with a more focused light.

Continuous Wave [CW] Laser Diode;
DPSS; Diode-pumped solid-state laser
Pulsed Laser Diode;
Quantum Cascade Laser [QCL]

Laser Warning Placard
Laser Danger Sign
PC motherboard

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