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iSCSI Protocol

iSCSI or Internet SCSI (Small Computer System Interface), an Internet Protocol (IP)-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities. By carrying SCSI commands over IP networks, iSCSI is used to facilitate data transfers over intranets [within an organization] and to manage storage over long distances. The SCSI link provides a description of the Physical and Electrical layer of the SCSI Interface Bus.

iSCSI is one of two main approaches for storage data transmission over IP networks; the other method, Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP). FCIP can only be used in conjunction with Fibre Channel technology; in comparison, iSCSI can run over existing Ethernet networks.

Note that the older parallel SCSI interface and the newer Serial SCSI interface [SAS] use the same protocol. So this is a protocol only and has nothing to do with the electrical or physical interfaces of either style of SCSI interface [serial or parallel]. iSCSI reuses the SCSI protocol for another purpose, but does not have any relationship to the cabling or electrical driving of signals. That is any notation of the maximum cable length for a SCSI interface have nothing to do with iSCSI because the electrical and physical interface are not specified by iSCSI.

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