Inter-Chip USB Interface

IC_USB Description

Inter-Chip USB [IC_USB]; is a chip to chip interface using USB data transfer protocols.
The maximum bus length is specified at 10cm [trace length], between components.
Two signal lines are defined in the standard;
.. IC_DM: Inter-Chip USB D- data line
.. IC_DP: Inter-Chip USB D+ data line.
In addition to the Power [IC_VDD] and ground [GND] signals that are required.
In other words, this is a USB interface which is only meant to communicate between ICs, no cable interface is specified.
However the interface uses the same signals as the normal USB standard; differential data, power and ground.

Devices may use 1 volt, 1.2 volt, 1.5 volt, 1.8 volt, or 3.0 volts for IC_VDD

Because IC_USB is an Integrated Circuit bus [IC], there is no Mechanical portion to the specification.
Therefore no connectors or cables are defined for an interface that never leaves the surface of the printed wiring board.
However some of the electrical requirements of USB still apply, along with additional requirements to support inter-IC communication.
The topology for IC_USB is point-to-point, one IC may only connect to one other IC.
Basically a point-to-point interface using a single differential data line.

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