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A listing of Inductor Manufacturers, vendors and Related sites, under one of the following headings; Inductors, Transformers, or EMI/RFI Devices.
The types of products or devices they produce are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order.

Inductor Manufacturers

Choke Manufacturers, Cable Ferrite Core Manufacturers

Abracon Corp. {Inductor, Coils, Filters, Ferrite Beads, LAN Magnetics}

AEM Inc. {Ferrite/Ceramic/Wire Wound Inductors-Ferrite Chip Beads}

Allied Components {High Frequency, Multilayer Chip, Ferrite Core, Power, Axial, Radial}

AMVECO Magnetics Inc {Standard and Custom Inductor Manufacturer}

API Delevans {Inductors}

Associated Components Technology 'ACT' {Electronic inductors, EMI suppressors, and coils}

Standex Electronics

BH Electronics Products {Surface Mount Inductor, Communication Magnetics}

BI Technologies {Inductor Manufacturers, Telecom / LAN Magnetics}

Bel Fuse Inc. {DC Power Inductor-Power Line}

Bourns {Inductors}

Cambion {Transponder Coils, Fixed Inductors, axial and radial, through hole, Surface Mount Wire Wound Chip Inductors, Shielded, Power, Variable}

Coast/ACM {RF Inductor Manufacturer; MIL-Spec / QPL, Space, Commercial applications}

Coilcraft {RF Inductors-Power Inductors}

Cooper Electronics Technologies

Cornucopia Tool & Plastics, Inc. {Toroidal Inductors}

Cortec Enterprises {Toroidal inductors}

CR Magetics Inc. {Instrumentation Grade Electrical Current Transformers Commercial/ANSI Metering}

Custom Magnetics Inc.

DuraCap International Inc. {Variable}

Electro Technik {Manufacturer of commercial and military custom magnetics}

EPCOS {Inductor Manufacturers}

Falco Electronics Mexico {Inductors}

Fastron {Chip Inductors (wire wound - open), Transponder Coil (for RFID) Molded Inductors, Leaded Inductors, Plugable Inductors (also Shielded), SMD Power Inductors (also Shielded)}

Ferronics Inc. {Toroids, Beads, Winding Service}

Filtran Ltd. {Beads Manufacturers}

Frontier Electronics Corp. {Inductors-Coils-Line Filters-Toroids}

Galaxy Transformer {Custom Magnetics}

Gowanda Electronics Corp. {Common Mode Filter Inductors, RF Inductors- Power Inductors}

HALO Electronics Inc. {Ethernet/Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet/Token Ring/ATM/Fiber Channel}



ICE Components
{SMT/Leaded Inductors, High Current Inductors, Power Inductors, Shielded}

Inductive Systems Europe

Mag Layers {Molded SMT Power Inductors, Large Chokes & Toroids, Leaded Products, Multilayer Chip Inductors, Multilayer Chip Beads}

MAGNETICS {Cores - Ferrites}

MilesTek Inc. {MIL-1553 Inductor Manufacturers}

Minntronix Corp. {Tunable Inductor Manufacturers}

Mitchell Electronics Corp. {Custom Inductor Manufacturers}


MoxiE Inductor Corporation

muRata {Chip Inductors, USB Inductor Manufacturers}

Nuvotem Talema

Panasonic Industrial Components {Inductors}

PCA Electronics Inc. {RF Inductors-Toroidal Power Inductors}

Pulse {Inductors, LAN, RF Inductors, Telcom T1/E1-ISDN-HDSL}

RCD Components Inc. {Inductor Coils}

Sumida Electric Co. Ltd. {Power Inductor}

Tabtronics Inc. {Resonant Inductor for Power Supplies, Boost Inductor for Boost Converters}

talema {Toroidal Coil Manufacturers}

Tamura Corp. {Inductors}

Thin Film Technology {Chip Parts}

Toko America {Chip/Fixed Inductors-Variable coils}

Torotel Products Inc. {Custom design}

Vanguard Electronics {RF, Power, Space Inductors}

Vishay {Inductors - Ferrite Beads}

West Coast Magnetics {Manufactures standard inductors for high Q RF use (tuneable and pretuned)}

Wilco Corp. {Inductors-Ferrite Boddin, Drum, Hash Chokes, Toroidal, Universal Wound/Air Coils}

XFMRS Inc. {SMD Power, Through Hole, Multi-layer Chip, Wire-wound Chip.}

Inductor Values {Common SMD Inductor Values}
SMD Inductor Package Styles
Inductor Derating Table {Temperature Correction}

Inductor: A coil of wire wound around a core [which may be magnetic metal or air] to produce a high inductance in the wire.

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This is a listing of Inductor manufacturers. The listing is subdivided by either Transformer manufacturers or Inductor manufacturers. The types of products or devices the manufacturer produces are listed under the company name, in alphabetic order. A separate link at the top of the page points to a listing of EMI/RFI component manufacturers [beads, filters, chokes and so on]. Additional component manufacturers may be found by selecting the Components icon below, or Equipment manufacturers may be found by selecting the OEM Equipment icon. In addition some listing may be found on the individual Computer bus pages

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