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An Inductor is a 2-terminal passive device having a coil of wire wound wrapped around a core [which may be magnetic metal or air] to produce a high inductance in the wire. The terminals may be pads on a surface mount component or leads on a through-hole component. The graphic shows a Surface Mount Device [SMD]

SMD Inductor Package Dimensions
Open-Frame SMD Inductor

In this particular case this inductor is un-shielded, or in an open frame. The shape and dimensions of the inductor is provided as well as the Printed Wiring Board [PWB] Land Pattern for attachment.

The ability to see the coil is a direct indication that the component is an open-frame device. A closed frame part would be encased in a metal shell to shield the near by components from the magnetic field, or protect the coil from incoming noise.

Surface Mount Chip Inductor Package Dimensions
SMD Chip Inductor
PC motherboard

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