Zig Zag IC Package Drawing

Zig Zag Package

Zig-Zag Package Drawing
Zig Zag Device, Through-hole

Zig-Zag IC Package
Zig Zag IC & Socket

Zig-Zag In-line Package Style
The Zig Zag may be either ceramic or plastic;
Zig Zag only refers to the pins and not the body material.
The graphic above shows a through hole Zig-Zag package.
The picture to the left shows a Zig Zag IC and Socket.
The Zig Zag Package is not used that often [if at all].
The term ZIP package is also used regarding this package.
Additional Through Hole Packages.
IC Package styles [SMD and thru-hole packages].
Related issue; PWB Terms

A Zig Zag package is similar in style to a SIP package except that a Zig Zag package has two rows of leads which alternate. A SIP has a single row of pins aligned one after the other.

A Zig Zag package has terminals in two parallel rows oriented perpendicular to the seating plan arranged in a staggered configuration. No dimensions are provided because the package could take on any number physical size, the graphic is only mean to convey the basic outline of a component [the number of pins are a representative example].

Of course there's no real reason to use a ZIG-ZAG package, although there might still be a few legacy components [mature products] using them. Which should not be used in a design.
The standard advice given is to use a surface mount package for better performance and having a smaller package size, so a through-hole Zig-Zag package should be avoided.

ZIP: Zig-zag In-line Package
Staggered Terminals

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