SOP IC Package Drawing

Small Out-Line Package IC

SOP Package

SOP Socket and SOP IC
SOP IC and SOP Socket

Small-Outline Package [SOP], a Surface Mount Device [SMD].
The graphic shows both an SOP IC and SOP socket. Note that this is just one example of an SOP, there are many other IC styles, just as in DIP packages or any other package style. Also refer to a PSOP, a plastic SOP, again a much smaller IC with fewer pins. The term Small-Outline normally just means that the package is thinner than a pre-existing package style. The term doesn't define the type of leads or terminals used with the package.
Related IC packages include; Small-outline integrated circuit [SOIC], Shrink small-outline package [SSOP], and Thin-shrink small outline package [TSSOP] ICs and others.
Additional Surface Mount Packages, IC Package styles.

SOP components have a high pin density, which is another way of saying the component has a small pin-to-pin spacing.

Surface Mount
.. Fine Pitch
.. High Density

PC motherboard

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