SOIC Semiconductor Package

Small Outline Integrated Circuit

Small Outline Package

Both the graphic below and the picture to the left show a 16 pin SOIC package.

SOIC IC CHIP Package Type
SOIC Package

16 pin SOIC package.
Ceramic body, indicated by the separate area in which the terminals are being attached to. A plastic package would be one complete molded body, with no separation between to top of the component and the bottom of the component.

A Small Outline IC [SOIC] is a surface mount component that contains pins, on either side of the body. Larger components of the same shape and style of an SOIC have different names, as they are no longer 'Small Outline' devices [having larger bodies].
An SOIC could take on a vast array of package dimensions, as the function or number of component pins change. So no physical dimensions are provided, because it would only detail one of many possible dimensions.
This link provides a picture of a PWB Land Pattern for an SOIC [PCB Definitions].

Surface Mount Packages [Definitions and graphics]
IC Package styles [both surface mount and through hole styles]
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SOIC components are preferred over their DIP counter parts because the package is smaller. SOIC's take up less board space, so more SOIC packages will fit in the small amount of board real estate. Being small with closer lead spacing, the SOIC package also has less lead inductance than a DIP package. Although not always a benefit, an SOIC is also surface-mount as opposed to being a through-hole device.

SOIC could be considered a parent term, which relates to Small Outline Integrated Circuits, and includes a few related terms. By definition all Integrated Circuits are ICs, so the IC in SOIC is almost redundant. A vast majority of ICs are placed in a Plastic body, so the term Plastic SOIC is possible, or PSOIC [although never used]. In some cases the term Package is appended, but not when using the IC part of it. So you could end up with PSOP which refers to an integrated circuit made of plastic in an SO [Small Outline] package.

In other words an SOIC could be the same as a PSOP, assuming the body of the component is made from plastic.

PWB Mounted 74595 SOIC
SOIC Component
74HC595 SOIC

PC motherboard

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