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SOJ IC Package

A Small Outline J-Lead IC [SOJ] is a surface mount component that contains j-style pins on either side of the body. Same as a Small Outline IC. Larger components of the same shape and style of an SOIC have different names, as they are no longer 'Small Outline' devices [having larger bodies].
The term Small Outline refers to the width of the component body, Small Outline infers that there is an identical package [of earlier design] that has a body width that is larger than one in a small outline package. That is, if there were no wider package there would be no need to call a package small outline. To be clear, the package has to be smaller than something else, otherwise why use the term small. In general; previous package designs having the same function with the same number of pins had a wider body. While newer package designs used a thinner body package and are now called small outline.
For reference this link provides a picture of a PWB Land Pattern for an SOIC.

SOIC components are preferred over their DIP counter parts because the package is smaller. SOIC's take up less board space, so more SOIC packages will fit in the small amount of board real estate. Being small with closer lead spacing the SOIC package also has less lead inductance than a DIP package. Although not always a benefit, an SOIC is also surface-mount as opposed to being a through-hole device.

The example uses a 44 pin surface mount dual in-line package, which could be some what common. Even a 68 pin SOJ might be considered common up to a few years ago. But these days once the pin count gets up around 44 pins, the more common package style might be the PLCC version. Or even a PGA or BGA depending on the application of the integrated circuit. Very large pin count dual in-line packages are just not that common any more.

Surface Mount Packages

Design Note:
Other packages use J-Leads
PLCC's being the most common.
Dimensions are for a 44 pin SOJ.
Additional pin counts are possible.

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