PLCC IC Package Drawing

PLCC Package, Surface Mount Device [SMD]

44 pin PLCC package.
Depending on the device, the window my not be present.

PLCC Plastic Lead Chip Carrier graphic
Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier IC [44 Pin PLCC Dimensions]

Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier [PLCC], A surface mount device that uses J-leads on each side of its 4-leaded body for board attachment as shown in the graphic above.
Another style of J-Lead Package, as an example.
A 40LF040B, 4 Mbit LPC Flash [Silicon Storage Technology] PLCC is shown to the left.

It's common for PLDs and other programmable logic devices, using PLCC packages, to be installed in sockets so they can be removed and re-installed to be programmed. Of course installing a PLCC socket adds to the footprint required by the package, because the area is consumed by the PLCC IC and the socket that surrounds it. The PLCC socket itself may be either surface mount or through-hole.

32 pin PLCC Socket
PLCC Socket

Some programmable logic ICs, in a PLCC package, may also have a window so the device may be erased. The graphic above shows an example of a UVEPROM that has a window.
Additional Surface Mount IC Packages, or different Through-hole IC Packages.
When possible always use a surface-mount part to reduce lead inductance.

32 pin PLCC Socket
PLCC Socket

PLCC 49LF040
PLCC Plastic Lead Chip Carrier graphic

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[w/ example devices shown]

28 pin PLCC Dimensions 22V10
32 pin PLCC; 49LF040
44 pin PLCC; CY545
68 pin PLCC; PIC18F6585

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