PSOP IC Package Drawing

Plastic SOP Package

Plastic Small Outline Package
14-pin PSOP IC Package Dimensions

Plastic Small-Outline Package [PSOP], a Surface Mount Device [SMD].
The graphic shows a 14-pin PSOP IC, another example would be a 20-pin PSOP IC. Note that this is just one example of an SOP, there are many other IC styles, refer to SOP, a much larger IC with many more pins. The term Small-Outline normally just means that the package is thinner than a pre-existing package style. Note that this style of a PSOP uses a Gull Wing Terminal, or lead.
Additional Surface Mount Packages, and IC Package styles.

SOP components have a high pin density, small pin spacing. As a general rule a surface mount SOP package is available that could replace any through hole DIP IC.

The generic term is Small Outline, or SO. Following that, in many cases the term Package is used with that producing the SOP. Most component packages will be made of plastic which generates a P in front of SOP, leaving PSOP, or PSO without the package. Integrated components are also made of ceramic but are much more expansive and only required for high temperature operation or military designs.

Editor note; the physical dimensions provided for the 14 pin Small Outline page only relate to that package, with 14 pins. Any other package will have different dimensions, as these package sizes change just as DIP packages do. More pins require the package length to increase and a more complex function require the width of the body to increase. The numbers provided are only an example.

Also note that only the 14-pin PSOP diagram shows detail A, and the shape and dimensions of the IC terminal. This is because that the size and shape of the terminal does not change with the number of terminals on the package. That is the number of terminals on the package cause the package to grow to accommodate the number of pins, but the actual pin doesn't change.

In general a DIP IC will also be found as a PSOP if a surface mount version of the package is available. Only because the Small Outline Package is a common surface mount style of packaging.

Surface Mount Component

8 pin Plastic Small Outline Package
8-pin PSOP

5 pin Plastic Small Outline Package
5-pin PSOP IC Package Dimensions
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