Plastic DIP IC Package Drawing

Plastic DIP Integrated Circuit [8-pin]

8-pin plastic DIP IC
8-Pin Through Hole Dual In-line Package

A plastic DIP IC is a normal Dual In-line Package that uses Plastic for the IC body to keep the cost low.
Plastic does not protect an IC from higher humidity conditions as does Ceramic packages. A Plastic DIP is also called a PDIP and are the more common packaging material. In some cases these packages are also go by the term MDIP, for Molded DIP. As in Molded Plastic Dual In-Line Package. Military contracts or designs would use ceramic packages.

8-pin plastic DIP IC Dimensions
8-Pin Through Hole DIP Dimensions

The graphic above shows an 8-pin Through Hole Device in a plastic package.
The picture to the left shows an 8-pin plastic dip socket.
A PDIP have any number of pins, however, only 8 pin packages are shown on this page. The link to DIP IC sockets [left] shows additional package sizes.

The pin to pin spacing on a dual inline package is 0.1 inches. While the row to row spacing is 0.3 inches or 0.6 inches [for larger ICs]. The length of a DIP or PDIP package varies depending on the number of pins required by the device. Again this page only refers to a 8-pin plastic DIP, using the dimensions above.

Common ICs found in an 8 pin Plastic DIP:
LM741 Operational Amplifier [741 Op Amp].
555 Timer [555 Description].
4-Position DIP Switch [DIP Switch Description].

As a general rule 8-pin DIP packages are more commonly used with analog components than for digital integrated circuits.

DIP-8 Package

8-pin plastic DIP IC
8-Pin Thru Hole DIP

Technical Tip;
Avoid DIP sockets when possible.
Use surface mount packages if possible.
Use the smallest DIP package available.

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Through Hole 8-pin DIP Socket
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DIL; Dual In-Line
Alternate name for a DIP
DIL may refer to a PDIP or CDIP.

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