MLP IC Package Drawing

Micro Lead-Frame Package, MLP

28-pin MLP SMD Package
MLP IC Package

The graphic shows a 28 lead MLP IC. The square in the upper left corner of the IC is the pin 1 index. The large pad in the center is the exposed pad. The function of the IC determines what the exposed pad is connected to, either power or left isolated [but attached to a copper pad and used as a heat sink].

There is no information available for a MLP semiconductor.
However that may change in time.
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Note; I'm not really sure how an MLP IC defers from a Leadless Chip Carrier, or LCC, as they both look about the same. Of course the 'm' in MLP stands for micro which would imply a smaller terminal than an LCC package. But depending on the IC used the designer may not be given an option on what package to purchase. A given IC function may be offered in only one package style, or be available in a number of package styles.

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