LCC IC Package Drawing

LCC Package, Surface Mount Device [SMD]

Surface Mount Leaded Chip Carrier graphic
Leaded Chip Carrier IC

Leaded Chip Carrier [LCC], A surface mount device that uses leads straight off the side of its body for board attachment as shown in the graphic above.
A related component is a Unformed Leaded Chip Carrier, which is the same basic part with the leads not yet formed to their final position.
In general a Chip Carrier is a rectangular or square package having terminals on all four sides of the package periphery, with out regard to how those terminals are formed. That is a Chip Carrier may have physical leads or surface mount terminals or pads, and a large number of other IC styles could be considered as a chip carrier. For example this link provides a description of a Leadless Chip Carrier, which uses solder pads. In fact many other packages could be or are considered Chip Carriers, and use different pin styles.
When possible always use a surface-mount part to reduce lead inductance. The graphic shows one example of a chip carrier, and the dimensions only relate to that particular package. Any other package with some other number of pins will have different package dimensions. Other the graphic does show the common lead to lead spacing and the thickness of the main body of the package.

Chip Carrier:
An IC with leads on all 4 sides.

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