LCC IC Package Drawing

LCC Package, Surface Mount Device [SMD]

Leadless Chip Carrier graphic
Leadless Chip Carrier IC

Leadless Chip Carrier [LCC], A surface mount device [SMD] that uses surfaces on the side of its body for board attachment and has no leads or legs. A chip carrier has terminals on all four sides of the package.
Also called an LLCC, as in Lead Less Chip Carrier. The manufacturer may have an issue working with a Leadless Chip Carrier on the PWB, sometimes the solder fillet will tend to break. So check with the production department first before specifying a Leadless Chip Carrier package, to insure it is an approved package style; however, in general a surface mount package is always better than a leaded package.

Leadless Chip Carrier picture
Lead Less Chip Carrier IC

Of course there are a number of different styles than those shown, but only differing in the number of pins and perhaps more rectangular than the example provided.
An LCC is related to a DLCC package, or Dual LCC package [two-sided].

Additional IC Package types, including mechanical drawings.

The graphic to the left shows how to count the pins on an LCC package, or locate pin 1. In some cases the terminal of pin 1 is elongated to distinguish it from the other pins, as shown in the other graphics.

Note that the term Chip Carrier is a generic term that refers to a package that has terminals on all four side of its package. So there are a number of other completely different package styles that are also called Chip Carrier, or at least use the term as part of the description.

Leadless Chip Carrier pinout
LLCC Pinout

Additional LCC drawings, no dimensions.
6-Pin LCC Package [Resistor Array]
16-Pin LCC Package [Resistor Array]
20-Pin LCC Package [Resistor Array]

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