LBGA IC Package Drawing

Low-Profile Ball Grid Array, LBGA

LBGA Top/Side/Bottom view
LBGA Package Dimensions

LBGA [Low-Profile Ball Grid Array] is a surface mount package with a low profile that uses solder balls to attach to the Printed Wiring Board [PWB] or BGA socket. The Low-Profile refers to the height of the body of the component, meaning that the package in this configuration is not as thick or high as a normal BGA package. So an LBGA takes up the same physical space on a PWB as a BGA [of the same size], but is not as high off the board.
Low-Profile BGA is a Surface Mount Package, and there are a number of styles;
BGA: Ball Grid Array
CBGA: Ceramic Ball Grid Array [the component body is made of ceramic]
PBGA: Plastic Ball Grid Array [the component body is made of plastic]

There are also a number of different ball patterns. The BGA package shown above has two distinct ball patterns, while the BGA IC shown left contains a full Ball Grid Array. Another example of a BGA IC is an AMD Geode Processor IC using a BGA package, having a different BGA pattern. Additional IC Package styles used by ICs.
Resistor Networks are also available in a BGA package.

Because an LBGA refers to the components height off the printed wiring board, an LBGA could be either a Plastic BGA or a Ceramic BGA, and of course also just be called a BGA. So, like so many of these package terms, one package style could also be called any of a number of other styles all referring to the same package. But in general a Low-Profile BGA should be physically smaller than a normal BGA.

Editor note; Many topics in this section provide examples of ICs using a particular package style. However in this case I would not expect any particular function to stay in one particular package type for long. While a function that started in a TO-92, for example, might still be offered in that same TO-92 package years later. For example a processor offered in an LBGA package might only be offered for a few years before it is rendered obsolete by the next version.

BGA Picture Top/Bottom view
BGA Package

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