J-Lead IC Package Terminals

J-Lead Package, PLCC

The term J-Lead defines the pin shape and does not define the physical size or shape of the component body. So with SMD Dual In-line packages a surface mount J-lead could be a standard width package or a Small Outline package. In addition a J-lead package could also be used with a PLCC package and have terminals on all four sides of the component body [shown below].

28 pin J-Lead PLCC package
28 pin PLCC J-Lead

A J-leaded device is a surface mount component that has it's pins 'leads' folded under its body in the shape of a 'J'.
The J-Lead IC is a Surface Mount Device [SMD], but the term J-lead only refers to the type of lead and not the type of package. The Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier [PLCC] is one of the more common packages that use this style of lead. A Chip Carrier is a component with pins on all four sides of the component body. Any number of surface mount packages may use J-leads as the connection point. Refer to the links to the left for package styles that use a J-lead as its terminals.

Editor note: because the package shown could be almost any dimension, with any number of pins, no dimensions are provided. The point of the graphic is to show the shape of the pins and in reference to a PLCC package the relative location of the pins. Although only a few leads are shown for each side of the package. Also note that this version of a Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier shows the pins terminating at the top of the integrated circuit package, it is more common for the leads to terminate at the center of the package body [being covered by what ever material is used to make up the package]. Use the link to the PLCC package for the more common version.

Common package styles include 22-pins, 28-pins, 44-pins, and 68 pin devices; used by Transceivers, A/D Converters, EEPROMs, PLDs and Microcontrollers

J-Lead terminals on a PLCC package
J-Lead Package Style

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