Gull Wing IC Package Drawing

Gull Wing Package, Pin Style

SOIC Package using Gull-wing terminals
Gull-Wing SOIC Package

A Gull Wing device is a surface mount component that has it's pins 'leads' folded out from its body in the shape of a 'L'.
The pins are reversed from those of a J-lead device. Any number of pins on a package are possible, a 10-pin and 14-pin package is shown as examples. Either a rectangular or square package may also hold gull-wing terminals.
Additional IC Package Terms, and styles.

DS1488 Gull-Wing IC Attached to a Printed Circuit Board
Gull-Wing IC

Note an IC package may have gull-wing terminals but use another IC package term.
For example the IC above is a Small Out-line IC [SOIC], using Gull-wing terminals.
Additional examples would be a TSOP [Thin Small-Outline Package] semiconductor which also uses gull-wing pins, or a TQFP package using gull-wing terminals.

The package dimensions are not provided because the packages could hold any number of terminals having a body length different than the 10 pin example shown above. The length of the components body increases as the number of pins increase. In addition the width of the body could also change from either of the examples shown. Of course the height of the body might also change, but that would be less common.

The picture shows a 14-pin SO package, for a DS1488 Quad Line Driver from National Semiconductor. Although the actual device is considered obsolete by National Semiconductor, the photograph is meant to show the package and not a particular device. The 'M' in the part number [printed on the component] signifies an SO package, as in SOIC [Small Outline IC].

IC SMD Package
SMD: Surface Mount Device.
SMT: Surface Mount Technology.

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