Dual Inline IC Package Drawing

Dual Inline

Dual Inline Dual-Row IC Package
Dual Inline - Dual Row IC Package

Dual in-line Package.
The graphic above shows one style of a board-mount through hole Dual in-line IC.
Note that this style has two rows of straight pins on each side of the body instead of one row of pins as in a DIP package. This type of package is common in hybrid components, but not with integrated circuits. Perhaps more a module than an IC.

This style of dual-pins per side is not a very common package style, and there may not be sockets available.
However because the leads are staggered, the package carries twice as many leads as a normal DIP IC, with 70 leads identified in this example. IC CERDIP Package, or IC Package styles. Editor note; I believe that this package is called out in a military standard, which would imply that it's a ceramic or metal package and not made of plastic. Although there may be commercial versions that are plastic.

Editor note: Although this page is using the term DIL to refer to a IC with a pair of pins [in a row] on both side of the body, there is another [common] meaning. Some manufacturers use the term DIL to refer to a standard DIP IC, which would imply that DIP means the same thing as DIL. However the usage of DIL to refer to a DIP package is some what uncommon. Primarily it appears that companies producing hybrid ICs or non-TTL like ICs use the term DIL to refer to a DIP package, while companies producing common logic ICs seem to use the term DIP [with out mention of the term DIL].

So DIL is a non-standard term to refer to a DIP package, and that usage seems to be focused on specialty ICs, un-related to a particular glue logic family. In other words, the editor is unsure as to the exact meaning of a DIL package.

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