Dual Inline J-Lead IC Package Drawing

Dual Inline J-Lead

J-Lead Dual Inline IC Package
Dual Inline - Dual Row J-Lead IC Package

Dual in-line J-Lead Package.
The graphic above shows one style of a surface-mount J-Lead Dual in-line IC.

The J-Lead is one of the two most common styles of formed leads used with surface mount parts. That particular example also provides the physical dimensions of the package.

This link shows a Small Outline J-lead Package [Reduced package width].
The PLCC package is one of many IC packages that might use J-Lead terminals. However the PLCC is a quad-leaded package, with leads on each side of the device: as in a Chip Carrier; SMD PLCC Package. Of course there are also other surface mount package styles, as in: SMD IC Packages. For reference; both through-hole and surface mount IC Package styles.

Editor note; For some of these package examples in this section, component dimensions are provided, while with this one and others only the over-all shape is shown. If the example graphic is a common style, than both the shape and the physical dimensions for that particular size are shown. When the example for a particular component style is a bit less common, as the 70-pin J-lead above, than only the over-all shape is given.

Basically a dual in-line J-lead package could be almost any size, just as a standard DIP package could be almost any size. In general the length of the component body grows with the number of pins required by the semiconductor function held in the components body. Also the width of the component body increases as the semiconductor die inside the package grows. So of course the physical dimensions would change as the body changed dimensions. The point of the graphic is to show the basic layout of the package and not really to give any specific body size.

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