Thin Quad Flat Pack IC Package Drawing

TQFP IC Package shown mounted on a PCB

Thin Quad Flat Pack Package
TQFP Package

A Thin Quad Flat Pack device is a surface mount component that has it's pins 'leads' folded out from its body in the shape of a 'L'. The type of lead is called a Gull-Wing terminal [shape].
The TQFP IC package is similar to the surface mount [Dual In-line] SOIC device because both packages use a gull-wing shaped lead. The difference between the two is that a SOIC package has leads on two sides of the package and a TQFP has leads on all four sides. So in general the TQFP package could also be referred to as a gull-wing IC.
The lead pitch changes with the number of pins and the body size; ranging from 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.65mm 0.8mm and 1.0mm. A TQFP is 1mm thick. The common size formats range from 7x7mm to 28 x 28 mm, using the pin counts shown in the left side-bar.

This particular TQFP, shown above, is a 18F8720 PIC chip by Microchip mounted on a printed circuit board. FPGAs and high-density PLDs also use the TQFP package.
The other picture also shows a TQFP, but in a rectangular package, and also shows that the package style could have any number of pins. As with all of these package types offered in this section, the physical size of the part changes as the number of pins on the component are increased. Note that the pin direction is reversed from those of a J-lead device. A gull-wing package has terminals that bend out from the package, while the J-lead pins bend under the package [in the shape of the letter 'J'].
Additional IC Package styles, most with graphics or pictures.

Note the term Chip Carrier is also used when a package has pins on all four side of the component body.

Thin Quad Flat Pack Package
TQFP Package

Common Package Sizes:
32 lead TQFP
40 lead TQFP
44 lead TQFP
48 lead TQFP
64 lead TQFP
100 lead TQFP
128 lead TQFP
144 lead TQFP
176 lead TQFP
256 lead TQFP

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