CPGA IC Package Drawing

Ceramic Pin Grid Array, CPGA

Military grade Ceramic PGA processor package
CPGA processor

PGA [Pin Grid Array] is a through hole package that uses pins to attach to the Printed Wiring Board [PWB]. A Ceramic Pin Grid Array or CPGA is a pin grid array with a body made out of ceramic and not plastic. A PGA has a body made of plastic, although the 'P' in PGA means pins. See the PGA Description.
A ceramic package is more expensive than an IC in a plastic package; however a ceramic package is used in high temperature environments, high reliability designs and military specified designs. Of course a circuit produced for the military automatically requires a high reliability design in a high temperature environment.
Many times a PGA or CPGA is used with a socket, otherwise a surface mount package might be a better option. However sockets are not normally used in High Rel designs.

Check for additional IC Package styles, some of which will also be in ceramic.
Note that the physical dimensions provided above only relate to that package, and are not valid with CPGA packages that contain some other pin count. The chip dimensions are show to give a representative size for that style IC with that pin count.

Through Hole ICs.
Pin Grids

Picture military grade Ceramic PGA processor package with Hermetic sealed glass Lid
CPGA processor
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