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Dual OR Gate True Table
2-Input OR Gate True Table

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The pinout to the right is just one example for a pin orientation of a 7432 OR gate. There are a number of possible pin outs, so check the data sheet.

The list of OR gates below represent the different styles and types of OR gates found to be in production as of 2011 from one particular manufacturer. Note that the part number prefix which is normally used to define the manufacturer has been omitted. In addition the part number suffix that defines the package type has also been omitted. Although the suffix and package type is informative, it would just add duplication to the list. As each part number shown is normally available in more than one package type.

Quadruple 2-Input Positive-OR Gates
Types of 7432 ICs in production.
74AC32, 54AC32
74ACT32, 54ACT32 [74ACT32 Chip Die]
74HC32, 54HC32
7432 [caution out-dated logic family]

Hex 2-Input OR Drivers
74ALS832A [caution older logic family]

CMOS Quad 2-Input OR Gate
4071 [non-TTL]

CMOS Dual 4-Input OR Gate
4072 [non-TTL]

CMOS Triple 3-Input OR Gate
4075 [non-TTL]
74HC4075 [TTL I/O]
74HCT4075, 54HCT4075 [TTL I/O]

This is a list of 74xx32 or 54xx32 OR gates currently in production
54xx32 is the military temperature range.
74xx32 is the commercial temperature range.
Other than the operational temperature range, the 7432 OR gate is basically the same part as the 5432 part. However there could be a case that a 7432 is only available in a particular package type, while the 5432 is only available in a completely different package. A common example would be finding the 7432 in a plastic DIP [PDIP] and finding the 5432 only in a ceramic DIP [CDIP].

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