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IC Monostable Multivibrator Chips

CMOS Monostable Multivibrator Chip Schematic
Monostable Multivibrator Chip

CMOS 4098B Dual Monostable Multivibrator.
The 4098B provides retriggerable/resetable one-shot operation

Multivibrator Pin Function:
Resistor Rx and Capacitor Cx are the external components that set or control the timing.
The outputs 'Q' and '/Q' provide the true and compliment outputs.
The inputs '+TR' provides the leading edge trigger, and '-TR' provides the falling edge trigger.

This is a 4098 CMOS IC and is not TTL compatible. VDD may be operated from 3 volts to 18 volts.

Also refer to Transistor Multivibrator Circuits.

The 4000 series of CMOS parts is one of the older groups or series of glue logic types. The 4098 IC is but one component within that CMOS family. However; the 4098 is not listed here as any type of recommendation to use any part within the 4000 series. The 4098 is shown here along with its block diagram to complete out the topic covering Monostable Multivibrators.

The 4000 series or true CMOS family of parts were most used for the extremely low power dissipation, and due to the fact that the 4000 series parts could operate at any supply voltage from zero to 15 volts. While the TTL series of parts were constrained to 5 volt power supplies. Companies producing TTL Parts.

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