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Functional IC Schematic

14-pin NOR Gate IC
NOR Gate

Internal functional schematic for a number of circuit functions. Each of these pages my provide a different amount of information. Normally a functional block diagram, an internal schematic, circuit description and in a few cases the type of ICs still in production.

IC Functions;
Multiplexer ICs [75HC257, 54ACT151]
Magnitude Comparator ICs
Identity Comparator ICs
Adder ICs [5438 Schematic]
Analog Switch ICs [Single Switch configurations]
Analog Switch ICs [Dual Switch configurations]
Analog Multiplexer ICs [Analog Switches used as a Mux]
Clock Buffer ICs [1-input to many outputs]
Decoder ICs [demultiplexer IC Schematic]
Encoder ICs [Decimal to BCD]
8-bit D Flip Flop
8-bit D Flip Flop w/ OC [74374]
8-bit Latch w/ Read-Back [74ALS996]
4-bit Up-Down Decade Counter [54F192]
4-bit Up-Down Counter [74190 series]
4-bit Shift Register
8-bit Buffer [74244]
16-bit Buffer
Bus Transceivers [Bi-directional buffers]
Parity Checker [Even or Odd Parity Output]
BCD Converter
BCD to 7-Segment Driver [LED Display Driver]
Decimal to BCD Encoder
Excess-3 to Decimal Encoder
Excess-3-Gray to Decimal Encoder
Gray code to Binary Coded Decimal Encoder [Gray-to-BCD]
OR Gate, Quad Dual Input
AND-OR Gate, Dual Input
AND-OR Gate, Quad Dual Input
Expandable AND-OR Gate, Quad Dual Input
Exclusive-OR Gate, Quad Dual Input, 7486
NOR Gates, Quad Dual Input [7402, 4001], Triple Input [7427]
TTL Monostable Multivibrator schematic 74121 / 74122 Digital IC
CMOS Multivibrator schematic 4098 CMOS Digital IC
IC Timer schematic 555 IC
Hex Inverter ICs
LM122 Analog Timer

ICs by Function:
Note in most cases when a 74xx device is listed, a 54xx series device is also available. The numbers after those are more important here. In any case the links point to a page that contains either an internal schematic using logic gates or a schematic using transistors, which would be the next level in detail.

Editor note; in most cases this page topics were started to support some other page on the site. This particular page brings all the individual functional IC schematic topics into one complete list. Although other than these pages covering a digital logic function, they are in fact unrelated to each other, and the list is only meant to bring all the similar pages together into one place. Almost all of the pages are digital ICs but a few cover analog devices; in addition, most topics cover normal 7400 type digital logic but a few do cover the military 5400 series of parts.

Either way the pages provide a schematic, description, a true table when required, possible package styles and part number variations.

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